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About the TVS

Ceiling exhaust fans were designed to control humidity and are not efficient in reducing odors. After extensive research, we developed an air intake system that provides an effective solution directly at the toilet level.

The Toilet Ventilation System (TVS) air intake process will eliminate bathroom odors in homes, office buildings, restaurants, hotels/motels and more. In hospitals and long term care facilities, the TVS will eliminate odors caused by Crohn’s disease, rectal cancer, Celia disease, gastroenteritis, ulcerative colitis, and others.

Toilet Ventilation System (TVS) air intake

How does it work?

The fan draws the odors through an air intake installed directly on the toilet at the toilet bowl level. The air is moved through a system of hoses installed in the wall or floor that direct the air outside.


We recommend installing a motion sensor with the TVS for optimum results. If a motion sensor is not installed, the system’s fan can be connected to an electrical on-off switch.

If you have a difficult or non-standard installation, please contact us and we can discuss your options.

Toilet Ventilation System (TVS) attic installation
Toilet Ventilation System (TVS) basement installation

Engineering test validates benefits

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Energy savings for heating and cooling

Since the TVS fan is extracting 80% less air, it also removes 80% less heat. The new air moving in to replace the extracted air must be heated or cooled. Since less air needs to be heated or cooled using a TVS system than it needs with a normal ceiling exhaust fan of the same size, the use of the TVS system results in an energy savings.


The TVS fan displaces 80% less air than an average fan of the same size. But since the air is displaced at the toilet itself, the air that is displaced is the most polluted volume.

Cleaning and Maintenance

TVS is easy to clean and maintain. The intake cover and tubing is removable. All parts can be cleaned with mild soap and water.

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