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About TVS, Inc.

Our headquarters are located in Dickinson, North Dakota where we also manufacture and assemble the TVS. TVS, Inc. was established in 2005 and the design was patented in 2006.

Entrepreneur and business proprietor Zane Kline invented the toilet ventilation system. With over 40 years of experience in the fiberglass industry, Zane has successfully invented and marketed over 35 products.

The TVS, Inc. Board presides over the decision-making process. The members of our Board consist of inventors, business proprietors, managers, and production and manufacturing experts. The Board’s dedicated management team truly believes in the product’s benefits and is dedicated to its success. Their expertise provides a strong foundation and springboard allowing TVS, Inc. to emerge as a pioneer and leader in the bathroom accessory/appliance market.

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What people are saying...

“The toilet ventilation system works very, very well. It is barely noticeable and is easy to clean. We would never be without one again. What more can I say? IT WORKS!!”

Larry Bares, General Building Contractor

“I have a gastrointestinal problem that was very embarrassing. Thank you TVS for making me odor free!”

Lyle Brudvig, Retired St. Luke’s Home Administrator

“The toilet ventilator helped us end offensive bathroom odors for clients, customers, and employees.”

Ken Nelson, NA Properties, Inc. Owner