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Frequently Asked Questions

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Installation & Maintenance

Q: How difficult is the TVS system to install?
A: If you know how to install a bathroom exhaust fan you can install a TVS ventilation system. If you would not feel comfortable installing a ceiling exhaust fan you should consider hiring a professional.
Q: Where can I find a professional to install the TVS system?
A: Business and residential building codes differ throughout the United States. Please check with your city and state building authorities. TVS, Inc. recommends the use of qualified professionals when installing a TVS system. We can make installer names available for certain areas of the country.
Q: Does an electrician need to connect the fan?
A: Check with your local building codes.
Q: How do I determine if I should install through the floor or in the wall?
A: Please contact us to receive the general installation instructions, which provide details to help you make that decision.
Q: How do I test the system to see it is drawing air after it is installed?
A: Rip off a piece of toilet paper from the roll and hold it under the intake. The toilet paper should be lifted towards the intake.
Q: How do I clean the Toilet Ventilation System?
A: The system can be cleaned in mild soap and water. A bottle brush is recommended to clean inside the tube assembly. The intake cover and the tubing is removable for deep cleaning.
Q: What if a piece is missing from the kit?
A: TVS Inc. will provide any missing part, at no cost, to the original system purchaser if we are notified within 30 days of the purchase.


Q: Can this system eliminate really bad odor?
A: Yes, this system is very effective in removing foul odors. It is not designed for odor that has seeped into surfaces such as the floor, wall, etc.
Q: Do I need anything other than the toilet ventilation system to take care of stool odors?
A: You do not need candles, sprays, or charcoal filters to cover up odors that occur at the toilet seat. Our customers say odors are eliminated with the toilet ventilation system.
Q: Will I save heating and cooling costs with the TVS?
A: The TVS, when attached to a motion sensor, will not need to run as long as a normal ceiling exhaust fan. This will potentially result in savings to heating and cooling costs.

Purchase & Returns

Q: Does the TVS system come in colors other than white?
A: No, at this time the system is only available in white.
Q: How do I get a replacement part if something is broken or doesn’t work right?
A: If a part is broken or nonfunctional, we will replace the part according to our warranty and returns policy. Returns will not be accepted without a Return Merchandise Authorization Number, which will be issued by TVS, Inc. Fill out and submit the Return Merchandise Authorization Form to receive the number.
Q: Can I get my money back if the product doesn’t work?
A: No one has ever complained that the toilet ventilation system doesn’t work. If installed properly, it will do what we say it will do. TVS, Inc. is unable to accept a return of the system once it has been installed in a building. Please check the returns policy (.pdf) for further information.
Q: Are there any discounts if I want to order quantities?
A: A volume discount is available for purchases of 10 or more toilet ventilation systems. Please fill out and submit the Request for Quote form to receive a quantity order discount.
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